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We created and developed a customizer for professionals and home owners interested in renovating their kitchens.

The Story

Our team was challenged to think, create and design a a configurator used to customize premium kitchens.
One of the main objectives was to develop a prototype easy to use not only for profesionals but also for home owners. Because of the increased number of cabinets, the process needed to be very carrefuly taught, in order to avoid confusion and missplaced orders.


Brand Identity & Experience Site


Identity Concept, Digital Design

After the research phase, personas were built so that we could establish a clear line of requirements and functionalities that needed to be implemented.

In order to start building the features list and the structure, discussions with several professionals in the industry were required. Their insights and feedback was very helpful and allowed us to continue with our process, and start building the wireframes.

After the prototype was ready, we exposed it to our target customers: both people in the industry and also home owners, excited to remodel their kitchen.
Once the UX phase ended, the UI started outlining the shapes and colors in order to establish a fresh and premium look and feel. Each section and page was customized and put in the spotlight so that the customer would have the best experience on the website.

“The team has been producing UX materials in time and very professionally done. I am very pleased with the work so far and very glad that I didn’t try to skip the UX phase.”

– Yan Chang, General Manager –


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