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Plotto Redesign

Plotto is a one stop shop for creating, collecting, analysing and editing video survey responses.

The Story


With Plotto, respondents can tell their story in their own words via a self-recorded testimonial video; face-to-face, close-up, authentic and truthful.
Our challenge was to redesign the current site in order to increase usability and give it a modern look and feel.

The first step we’ve taken was to understand the users and their needs and for this we’ve run stakeholder interviews and defined user personas. This helped us understand the business and gain precious insights.


Web Redesign & Usability Enhancements


Digital Design, Flow Diagrams, Usability Testing

Defining of main usage scenarios shaped new user flows that reduced complexity and improved navigation.

Main flows we’ve impacted after redesign were:

  • Create a new video survey. Recording and building the survey.
  • Distribute survey.
  • User response to a survey.
  • Respondent’s video responses and reports.
  • Create showreels

During the project we’ve provided comparative examples and various concepts that helped the
clients pick the most suitable one. We’ve also run usability testing sessions to assure that our product is on the right track.


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