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How We Work

We spot opportunities in unmet customer needs, invent top-notch concepts, and make organizations more innovative and agile

Work Smart. Deliver
With Style.

We call it the UXProject Methodology and we do it all – from research, concept, interaction design, user-testing, digital strategy, visual design, and development support. We listen and empathize with the users, share this knowledge, test a hypothesis, build prototypes, make it pretty, and support developers and the team. We’re constantly learning, and iterating on and improving our process.


It’s OK to get inside people’s heads. We do it all the time. That’s how we figure out what they want from our products and how you can best fit into their life.


Our increasingly digitized world is demanding simpler digital products and experiences, not more complicated ones. So at UXProject, simplicity is what we will aim for.


We bring passion to our work in order to create elegant, useful, unique solutions to all business challenges.


From paper prototype to digital ones, we will use them as a way to communicate and set-up our objectives.


Validated learning is a helpful way to think about the UX design process conceptually, with insights into different techniques and methods you can use during each step of the process.